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Headmaster of The Roleplaying Academy
Headmaster of The Roleplaying Academy

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PostSubject: FAQ   Sat Apr 25, 2015 3:19 am

  1. What is this place?
    You have stumbled upon The Roleplaying Academy!  We are here to assist those who wish to enhance their roleplaying skills.
  2. I'm new here.  Where should I start?
    I'm glad you asked!  Start here, then read this, and finally introduce yourself here.
  3. What do I do once I've completed the first three steps?
    Start roleplaying!  Either join a roleplay in progress, or create your own.
  4. How do I post a new topic?
    Just go to an open section, and click 'New Topic' located on the left hand side above the section title.
  5. What are all these strange terms and abbreviations that keep popping up?
    Roleplaying pretty much has it's own language.  To better understand it, visit the The Roleplayers Dictionary.
  6. I already know how to roleplay.  Why am I in the Beginners group?
    Everyone starts out in the Beginners group.  It's nothing personal.  I can't magically tell how good of a roleplayer someone is.
  7. Okay, so how do I get into a different group?
    You have to pass a test to prove that you can roleplay to that groups standards.

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