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 Lesson One

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Headmaster of The Roleplaying Academy

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PostSubject: Lesson One   Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:26 pm

Creating your Character

Character creation is the important first step to joining a roleplay.  Not only does it create who you are, it also shows your writing style and abilities.  It's important that you show good grammar and correct punctuation even in the simplest of forms.

Form Type

There are all kinds of RP forms out there from the basic with name, age, and description, to multiple paragraph forms.  Right now, we'll start with the the basic form.
Say you've come across a RP you like and you're ready to create your character.  First always use a type of word processor to type out your character form so you can save it for later review or use.  Now your basic form will usually look something like this:

Name: (Your characters name goes here)
Age: (Your characters age here)
Appearance: (What your character look like goes here)
History: (Your characters back story and/or family here)
Other: (And anything else you'd like for people to know here)

Pretty simple, right?  Even so, you always want to add as much detail as possible.  Not only does it help others to know your character better, but it also gives your character more depth.  Let's go ahead and fill out the form.

Name: Mary Sue
Age: 18
Appearance: She's the prettiest and bestest there ever was and will be.  All the girls envy her and all the boys lover her.
History: Shh, it's a secret.
Other: She's really strong and powerful and no one can ever beat her or hurt her.

Okay then.  Let's take a look at our filled in form.  Hmm, something doesn't seem right.  By filling out the form this way, I have created an all powerful, god-like monster.  Nobody wants that. These are the type of characters known as "Mary Sue", or "Gary Stu" for males.  They are very powerful, and never be hurt or beat, and are all in all, perfect.  But roleplaying isn't about perfection, it's about fun and storytelling.  So when you create a Sue or Stu character, it isn't fun for anyone.
Another problem with this form is the history.  It's great if you have a mysterious, unknown character, but letting others know their history is what adds depth and a bit more realism to them.  So always add a history, and if needed, you can add a note at the end letting the other RP'ers know that you don't want the other characters to know about their past just yet.
Okay, now that we know about Mary Sue and Gary Stu, let's rework our form.

Name: Bunny Muffinz <3
Age: 15
Appearance: She soooooo pretty!  With blue and pink and blonde hair!  And blue eyez!  OMG!  Shez the prettiest gurl in scool!
History: Shez lik da coolest gurl eva!  Evry1 luvs her!  Shez popular and funny and cool and sweet and all around awesomesauce!
Other: Evry1 calls her Bunny cuz she luvz bunnies!! Very Happy <3<3<3

Alright.  It hurt to type this, but sacrifices must be made so others can learn!  So I'm sure you could tell right away what's wrong with this form, but let's go over it anyways.  Never, EVER, type like this in an RP, unless the specific RP calls for it.  Now the character itself is fine, but the grammar and punctuation is horrible.  Smiley faces and hearts are never necessary, unless being used in OOC, and an exclamation point isn't needed for every sentence.

Name: Ezra Con
Age: 25
Appearance: He's tall with a muscular build and tan skin.  The true definition of handsome with black, shaggy hair, deep, blue eyes, and a slight smirk on his perfect lips.
History: He's an only child raised by a single mother.  He never knew his father, and drove away any man his mother tried to date as he's very protective and possessive over her.
Other: He is arrogant and conceited, and has issues with authority figures which has given him a few arrests over the years.

Here's what the form should look like.  Though it's basic, it provides a good look at the character.  You can see that the character may think of themselves as perfect, but they have flaws as well.  Just like a real person does.

As you join more semi-literate RP's the forms will get longer and need to be more detailed.

Name: Ezra Con
Age: 25
Appearance: He's stands at 6'2 with a muscular build and tan skin.  The true definition of handsome with black, shaggy hair that brushes his shoulders, deep, blue eyes with a mischievous gleam, and a slight smirk on his perfect lips.
Personality: He is arrogant and conceited, and has issues with authority figures which has given him a few arrests over the years.  His charm makes him a hit with the ladies, and his sense of humor makes him irresistible.
History: He's an only child raised by a single mother.  He never knew his father, and drove away any man his mother tried to date as he's very protective and possessive over her.  He's worked most of his life in order to help pay the bills, and only has a sense of responsibility when it comes to his mother.
Talents/Skills: He's a science whiz, though you couldn't tell from his nearly failing grades that he kept during high school.  He only uses this talent to create tricks and pranks, his favorite past time.
Other: He has a soft spot for dogs, and is always accompanied by his German Shepard Sarge.

When it comes to the more semi-literate RP's, you may have to fill quite a bit of information including adding an optional picture of your character.  It just all depends on the RP, and the RP creators preferences.  Remember to avoid the "perfect" character, and always try to write in complete sentences with correct punctuation.  And don't forget; detail, detail, detail.

When you get up into the advanced and literate RP's they don't always give you a form to fill out, nut require an introduction paragraph.  That is, a paragraph or two that gives an overview of your character.  This requires the most detailed character description, and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

A sliver of morning light shone through the blinds and managed to land right on Ezra's face.  He frowned at the brightness that interrupted his precious sleep, and slowly opened one blue eye and then the other.  He groaned as he sat up and realized that he had fallen asleep at his desk again.  He ran a hand through his constantly messy, black hair as he looked down at his makeshift pillow.  He picked up the schematic he had fallen asleep on, and subsequently drooled on, and dried it off on his shirt.  He stood and stuck the paper back in his Prank folder, and left his room in search of food.  The kitchen was spotless, as always, thanks to his mother.  She worked hard, and yet still found time to clean and cook.  He was always amazed by her.  As he thought of his mother he turned to the fridge, and there on the poor was a note with his mother's handwriting.  It was a reminder that she was pulling a double shift, and wouldn't be home until late.  Ezra sighed as he bent his 6'2 frame over,  pulled open the fridge, and grabbed the carton of milk.  Another lonely day, but he was use to it.  He drank the last of the milk from the jug, and had just tossed it into the garbage when the phone in his pocket chimed.  He pulled out the sleek phone and clicked it on to see yet another text message from one of his many "followers", as he called them.  He smirked as he returned a loving, yet entirely false text to the poor, smitten girl on the other end.  He enjoyed toying with them.  They adored him for his looks, and bad boy reputation, and he kept them around for their easy access.  He hit send, and stuck the phone back in his shorts.  He then took out a bowl, his favorite cereal, and a new gallon of milk to fix his breakfast.  He opened the new box, and then tried to quietly rip open the bag, but as soon as it crinkled, he hard a loud thump, then scratching on the hardwood floor in the hall.  Ezra braced himself for impact as a large blur of fur came tearing around the corner and slid across the linoleum taking out his legs in the process.  The partially opened bag went flying, and sent cereal scattering to all corners of the kitchen.  The fuzz-brain now stood over him, licking cereal of his face.
"SARGE GET OFF!" he yelled at the almost one year old German Shepard, but the goofy mutt just kept licking him.  He shoved the dog away and stood back up.  He watched as Sarge continued to clean up the floor before grabbing the now half empty bag and pouring himself some cereal.  He grabbed a spoon from the drawer, and walked into the living room to flop down on the couch in front of the TV.  Sarge soon joined him and curled up over Ezra's legs to get the best view of the cereal bowl as Ezra flipped through the channels.

You want to use all the detail you can in paragraph forms, and don't worry if it's long unless the RP creator sets a certain length.  When it comes to forms, always follow the RP creators rules as they are the ones who will be accepting it.  And remember; spelling, grammar, punctuation, and detail are the most important parts of any RP form.

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Lesson One
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